2019 Summer Preschool Program Registration Form

Please complete this form and submit your nonrefundable, nontransferable payment to register for the 2019 Summer Preschool Program. If you experience any issues during payment, please email us at hbacademy@houstonballet.org.
Student Information
Please enter the student's first name as it appears on their birth certificate

Please enter date as MM/DD/YYYY

All preschool levels are placed by age. Please select the level that corresponds with your child's age at the time of the date listed.

For students in Joy of Motion - Elementary Ballet, you must select the current level your child was in for the 2018 - 2019 academic year. For example, if your child is currently in Elementary Ballet, you must choose Elementary Ballet for the Summer Program. All current Parent & Me students who turn 3 before June 3rd, 2019 can choose Parent & Me - Now I am 3. All preschool levels are placed by age.

Parent/Guardian Information
First and Last Name

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All correspondence will be sent to this email address.

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Mandatory Fees
Summer Preschool Program Deposit 65.00
Total 65.00

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